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8. Most effective stance the querent can take right now. (Note: If this should be a negative seeming card, then the effective stance is the one that recognizes and transforms the negative pattern).
Embracing the Unknown and the Unknowable
Daniel with giant squid
As Arthur Eddington put it, "Reality is not only stranger than you think, it's stranger than you can think." Don't cringe from the unknowable strangeness; embrace it. It is what gives your existence an edge of mystery; it is what generated your existence.

Leave space around your certainties for all those unknown X factors potently operating outside the box of what you presently comprehend. And remember that as you expand the sphere of your awareness you will also expand the circumference of the unknown that surrounds you.
The way not to embrace the strangeness, the way to attempt to sterilize it and live a life that forever needs to reject whole dimensions of life is the path of absolutisms and fundmentalism (religious, New Age, or secular). An alternative approach is a philosophy I've developed that embraces the strangeness through a recognition of paradox and the need for a sliding or dynamic relationship to paradoxes. See: Dynamic Paradoxicalism——-the anti-ism ism