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6. Something the querent should know about relationships now.
Accessing Mutant Abilities
The difference between a powerful mutant and a disempowered one has much to do with their hierarchy of psychic functions. The mind and the ego are crucial allies, but with the most important choices, they need to be guided by higher intuition, which arises from what Jung called the "Self," the totality of the psyche, which includes mind, ego, conscious, unconscious, and collective unconscious. A conscious ego is in communication with the intuitions of the Self, which may provide greater access to psychic abilities. T

The ego is bound by linear time as it helps us navigate the day. The Self is transtemporal, so it can see around corners and past walls that block the ego view. One way to access the transtemporal intuition and insight of the Self is to ask yourself about a possibility:

"Will I remember this well on my deathbed?"