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7. What the querent should prioritize right now. (Note: If this is a negative seeming card then the priority is to recognize the dark influence and make appropriate changes.)
Look Beneath the Surface
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Ready to travel beneath the surface. The Babylon Matrix would like to keep you focused on surfaces and appearances, but this is a propitious time to pull back the veils and look beneath the surface.

We are many-layered beings living in a many-layered world. If your gaze is arrested by a particular layer, then you are relatively blind to the other layers. Some are captivated by the he said/she said soap opera layer. For others, the money layer is predominant. For still others, some particular layer of the internet or certain video games or a certain genre of pornography or an academic specialty are the supreme layer. But to bind yourself to any particular layer means living in a flatland and we are capable of much more than that.

No matter how many layers we pull back there are always more. Exploring the multiverse is like trying to peel the layers off of an eleven dimensional onion.

As British Astrophysicist Arthur Eddington put it: "Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine."

Consider this a propitious time to recognize that there is more going on than meets the daylight eyes of the waking personality. Look beneath the surface and find out what is going on in the depths of yourself, others and the world.