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Draw Card 1  :  Defining where the querent is right now.
Draw Card 2  :  An Influence from the past that may be affecting the querent right now.
Draw Card 3  :  Archetypal force most ascendant in the querent right now.
Draw Card 4  :  Archetypal situation most ascendant in the life of the querent right now.
Draw Card 5  :  A hidden factor affecting the querent that needs to be brought into the light.
Draw Card 6  :  Something the querent should know about relationships now.
Draw Card 7  :  What the querent should prioritize right now.
Draw Card 8  :  Most effective stance the querent can take right now.
Draw Card 9  :  Where things are trending for the querent.
Draw Card 10  :  Looking toward the event horizon: An influence that may be in a germination phase right now or about to approach the querent.