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Valuing Solitude
We are social mammals, togetherness and community are crucial, but so is some solitary time which can empower inner work, creativity and individuation.

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*** Hermetic Work
*** Monastic Solitude
*** The Solitary Journey of Individuation
*** Accepting Isolation
*** Loneliness
*** Lonely Inner Child
*** Iceolation of the Conscious Self
*** Frozen by Romantic Fantasies
*** Defending your Sovereign Domain
*** Defending your Sovereign Domain
 ** Meditation/Contemplation
 ** Stranger in a Strange Land
 ** Longing for Recognition
 ** Inner Wholeness -- Sealing your own Circle
 ** Individuation
 ** Inner Wholeness
  * Inner Independence
  * Not What they Seem
  * Beware the Hollow Folk
  * Wise Feminine Contemplation
  * The Peace of Working Within your Circle of Influence
  * Time for Reflection
  * Tormented Isolation
  * Inner Independence
  * Casting Your Pearls Before Swine
  * Loss, Abandonment Fear
  * Your World in Your Hands
  * Open Space
  * Home Sweet Home
  * Contemplation
  * Wounded Invisibility
  * Circle of Influence
  * Stranger in a Strange Land
  * Your Home is your Castle
  * Inner Independence and Individuation
  * Beware the Hollow Folk