Rebirth of the Feminine
You are living in what might be the end of an approximately six-thousand-year period of patriarchal history and conditioning. The feminine in both females and males has been horribly oppressed and suppressed. Rebirth of the feminine means going out of the town and into the sometimes lonely frontiers of mutation and metamorphosis. This realm is dying for the rebirth of the feminine. In terms of your individual psychology, rebirth of the feminine may include the re-empowerment of your intuition, an emphasis on authentic loving relationships and living of life as compared to emphasizing vertical spiritual transcendence or optimized functioning. Rebirth of the feminine means a reawakened connection to the body, the earth, spontaneity and unstructured time, eros as oceanic merger as compared to pornographic sex on the level of the genitalia or as metaphor for power. Without rebirth of the feminine, you are stuck in the hell-matrix of the patriarchy where, as Jung put it: "The life giving rhythms of the eons becomes the dread ticking of the clock." Rebirth of the feminine allows for the further possibility of the inner alchemical marriage of your masculine and feminine elements and yields the empowered androgynous wholeness that is your birthright.