Beauty of the Now
"Eleanor" 1907 by Frank Weston Benson (an American Impressionist) 1862-1951
Slowing down may allow you to appreciate the beauty of the moment. There is an old Venetian saying: "Where are you rushing to young man? You are already there." The replenishing feminine element in our lives is often so lacking that we seek to race through time till we can get to some future oasis, which often proves illusory. For example, someone works a job they hate counting down to quitting time, weekend or vacation. Or we seek an imagined future when we are at our ideal weight, have the perfect lover, dream house, wealth and a more glowing life. Fulfillment projected into the future forever eludes us. We need to find our fulfillment through engagement with the present moment. Live well today.

"Yesterday is ashes. Tomorrow wood; Only today the fire burns brightly."
— Native American saying
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