Of Human Bondage
The novel in the picture is also well worth reading, a classic on this topic.
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Feelings of inferiority can lead to enslaved infatuations and codependencies. The drawing of this card could indicate such feelings in you or someone close to you.

A classic example of human bondage is the person in a relationship with someone he considers much better looking. Feeling inferior to the beloved, he enslaves himself, encouraging the other to manipulate the asymmetry of power.

Is there any sort of situation you are in where you find yourself compromising your inner dignity? There are many types of human bondage, but all of them involve a compromise of inner dignity.

Is there any sort of situation where you are asking someone else to compromise his inner dignity?

Another type of human bondage is the wage-slave scenario where a job demands that you compromise your inner dignity in return for a paycheck. Most of us not born into extreme wealth have experienced this form of bondage.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance about the subtle and not so subtle forms of human bondage.