Spirit Medicine
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A spirit medicine is a medicine that challenges the present equilibrium in a profound enough way that it opens new perspectives and visions.Find your spirit medicine and remember that what works for someone else, may not work for you (and vice-versa). Also what works for you when used consciously, sparingly, in just right the circumstances, might be disastrous as a habit. If you're using it to relax, unwind, mellow out, fall asleep, etc. you are not using it as a spirit medicine. Most people use mood-altering substances in a recreational way, not a spiritual way, and therefore have an addictive crutch rather than a spiritual ally. Consider this a propitious time to evaluate how you use mood-altering substances (if at all) and whether they are allies or crutches.
Google Terence Mckenna for profound insights into medicines and go to erowid.org for up to date info.
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