As Good As It Gets
Bernice Zap, age 85 in 2007
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I sent my parents the movie As Good as It Gets and they got a lot from it. In a letter my mother wrote:

"The title intrigues me — I've been using it a lot, with different interpretations, depending on my mood:

As Good As It Gets — 'Count your blessings.' We're lucky — nothing to complain about.

As Good As It Gets
— (or can get — It won't get any better — probably will gradually get worse)

As Good As It Gets — Don't try to change or improve things. It can't be done — Accept it.

As Good As It Gets — It's the best time to make the effort to correct mistakes and take positive steps. Don't wait for a better time to start."

Consider this a propitious time to consider the many senses of As Good As It Gets and which ones best apply to the present situation.