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Free Self-Expression
(telecom ad in Montreal)
You need to express your mutant abilities, The world needs individual expression, and the repression of individual expression is one of the worst evils we know. But freedom of expression is not a license to indulge every impulse; for expression to be individual, and free of compulsion, it needs to be conscious. Free self-expression in a journal has a different meaning than expression made available to the collective. Not all the thoughts to which I give free expression in my mind are suitable to share with particular others. When I express myself to the collective — posting something on the internet, for example — I am adding food or medicine to a large cauldron, and I want my addition to be nourishment, not poison.
In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas Jesus said,

If you give birth to the genius within you,
it will free you.
If you do not give birth to the genius within you,
it will destroy you.