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Interdimensional Traveler
Photo of the author with decoupaged objects at a Halloween party in Boulder.

Journeying mindfully, gracefully, through the warp — the dreamtimes of waking and sleeping. Your primary identity is not reducible to your present age, gender, or social position. At your core, you are an interdimensional traveler. You entered this dimension at birth, will exit it at death, and you travel away from it most evenings when you enter the dimension of the Dreamtime.

Fully engaging with another human being is being interpenetrated by another dimension. The reality you experience is ever-shifting, and as a traveler, you should be aware, wary, courageous, careful about your companions, and gracefully adaptable. Wherever you travel — waking, dreaming, into another's psyche, another realm — remain aware of your core and realize that this realm, this timeline, is not all there is and that the journey is the destination. As the boy Jake says in the Dark Tower books,

"Go then, there are other worlds than these."
See introduction to:

A Guide to the Perplexed Interdimensional Traveler and:

An Interdimensional Traveler's Codex

My two major works in book form (both available free on this site) are directly related to interdimensional travel. My sci-fi epic on the singularity, Parallel Journeys , is about interdimensional travelers.

Opening premise:

Does this reality feel fundamentally wrong to you? What if the truths of what lies hidden are exposed in the journal of a survivor of an extinction-level event in our near future? His journals have been sent back in time to warn us about the perilous edge between extinction and evolutionary metamorphosis on which the fate of our species trembles.

The survivor writing to us is an empathic 18-year-old named Tommy. He's been sealed in a three-acre biosphere with just one other person, and the outside world has been radio-silent for the three years of their enclosure. Tommy is in telepathic contact with someone living during our time who may hold the key to an evolutionary metamorphosis. The journals, entitled Parallel Journeys, have been sent back in time to inspire you to create your own metamorphic butterfly effects to help our species avoid extinction and survive in a new form.

Parallel Journeys, can be read free on this site. If you prefer Audible, Kindle or physical versions, those are all available on Amazon.