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Casting Your Pearls Before Swine
Hard to see in this photo, but the booklet is entitled "The Greatest Secrets"
Keep secret work secret. Consciousness work should be shared with the worthy — spiritual allies that share your commitment to consciousness. Proselytizing indicates an imbalanced psyche with a compulsive need to get others to share the imbalanced belief system. And even if the belief system you would like to offer is sound, remember what Aleister Crowley said, "If I tell a man something he is not ready to hear, it is the same as if I told him a lie."

Consciousness work is depotentiated if you spill it out to the unreceptive. When a pick-pocket sees a saint, he sees only his pockets.

Consider this a propitious time to keep your pearls to yourself, or to share them only with the most trustworthy spiritual allies. Keep it secret, keep it safe.
Communicating through William Stainton Moses during the latter part of the 19th Century, the advanced spirit known as Imperator explained that the "Truth" will always be esoteric. "It must be so," Imperator stressed, "for only to the soul that is prepared can it be given. Its fragrance is too evanescent for daily common use. Its subtle perfume is shed only in the inner chamber of the spirit. Remember this; and remember too that violence is done to the Truth by forcing it on unprepared minds, while harm, great and far-reaching, is done to those who cannot receive what is a revelation to you but not to them."

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