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Serendipity — The Path of Creative Accidents
Be alert to the value of the unexpected and make use of accidents creatively.

Accidental art is art formed by serendipity, and possibly synchronicity, out of seemingly random objects found on sidewalks, torn ad posters that accidentally collage themselves with other layers of ad posters beneath them, etc. Some artists are "accident takers" — they invite accidents through speed and a slightly chaotic approach to their medium and then make use of unintentional paint splashes, etc. This is an ideal time for you to adopt both types of creative accident and not just with art, but with your entire life. Life, by seemingly random processes, is often configuring things in an artistic way. Be open to noticing those interesting configurations and even making use of them. Also make creative use of little mishaps. For example, if you get off at the wrong exit of the highway and are not pressed for time, drive around a bit. Maybe there is something interesting to be experienced in this accidental detour.