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Toxic Meltdown
"In the Bowery," collage on canvass, 1982, Brett DePalma. This painting was featured in a 2017 exhibition of DePalma'work entitled,"Dreaming on the Bowery: Post Apocalyptic Painting"
This card indicates toxic dissipation, dysfunctional relationship and/or general meltdown. Depending on the card position, it could diagnose a past, present, or potential future state for you, someone close, or a situation.

It's all too easy to fall into a downward spiral. Everything in our lives is dynamic to varying degrees and subject to momentum. Falling and rising are trajectories that take on momentum. If you keep falling or rising, you keep adding momentum to those directions, and it becomes more difficult to reverse them. When you get off on the wrong highway exit, we all know the best time to turn back: as soon as possible. If there is a downward spiral in any area of your life, take the first step now to reverse the trajectory.

Don't allow downward momentum to grow. Catch it and reverse it.

We can easily perpetuate the depression, inner chaos, and entropy by regret and feeling bad about feeling bad. Consider how many other human beings are in similar straits right now. Pray for compassion and healing for yourself and others who are similarly afflicted. Remember that real change usually comes out of the dark night of the soul. Alchemically, we need the descent into chaos to create new forms. But getting this card indicates a time to get out of it. The positive aspect is that this is an auspicious time to transform and emerge from a toxic meltdown.

When you press the button that says "view themes for this reading" you'll see the complete list of archetypal themes. Click on any of them to see all the cards related to that theme, red ones are the most related, then orange and yellow. If this card is hitting home, go to this theme: Emerging from Darkness, where you will find links to the many, many cards related to toxic meltdown. Read the most relevant.

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